Newport, Oregon – Week 2

Settling In

After a week in this area, we are getting settled in and familiar with what it has to offer. This week is looking like it will be a moderate pace. We still want to get a paddle in with our kayaks and a hike would be nice.

There doesn’t seem to be a a lot of hiking around here other than some walk-abouts at the state parks and waysides along the coast. We have found a few hikes but the trailheads are off the beaten path and we are wary of leaving our truck parked there with the kayaks on top.

This week was much more laid back than we have been having during this trip. We spent a lot of time doing the normal coast things as well as exploring the hiking, biking, and kayaking options available in the area. The slower pace here gave us time for more leisurely mornings, it was nice to not have to travel for most of the things we did this week. Everything was fairly close, the longest drive we had was to Lincoln City, 25 mies away.

The weather has been fantastic. We were concerned it may be more unsettled in October, but we have had mostly sunny and warm days. We did have a couple of minor surprises with the weather, which in not unusual on the coast. The weather can go from a sunny day to overcast and raining in 15 minutes. All in all we feel very fortunate.

Click below for our daily activities.

Day 8 – Rainy Day/Glassblowing

Day 9 – The North Jetty, Newport

Day 10 – Lincoln City

Day 11 – Hiking

Day 12 – Kayaking

Day 13 – No agenda


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