Northwest Trolls

An Archive About the Northwest Trolls

This ambitious public art project is presented by Scan Design Foundation, whose mission is to support Danish-American relations with a focus on environmental sustainability. NWTrolls: Way of the Bird King features six giant hand-built troll sculptures by Danish environmental artist, Thomas Dambo. The publicly-accessible sculptures are located around the Pacific Northwest where each whimsical troll sculpture is part of an underlying environmental story. The project celebrates the human experience of art by amplifying the connections of cultural heritage between Coast Salish tribal communities and Scandinavian traditions. Thanks to our funding partners and host site partners, there is no admission fee to visit any of the trolls.

The trolls are located on publicly-accessible sites around the Pacific Northwest, carrying with them an environmental message to share with their visitors.


Thomas Dambo

Born in Odense, Denmark 1979
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Troll That Hatched An Egg – Aullwood Audubon, Ohio, USA
Frie Vilje – Maribo, Denmark
Mama Mimi – Rendevouz Park, Jackson Hole, USA
Guardians Of The Seeds – Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Maine, USA
Suttetrolden Sanka – Remiseparken, Copenhagen, Denmark
Konrad The Crab – Kerteminde, Danmark

Den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest! – All over, Denmark

Joen And The Gian Beetle – Wynwood Walls, Miami
Terje, Bertha And The Banyan Tree – Pinecrest Gardens, Miami
It Sounded Like A Mountain Fell – Wulong, China
Sigurd, The Bird and The Red Thing – Mørke, Denmark
Green George – Christiania, Copenhagen
The 7 Trolls And The Magical Tower – Boom, Belgium
The Storytellers’ tree – Esbjerg, Denmark
The Burheim Giants – Burnheim, Kentucky, USA
The return of Hector the Protector – Culebra, Puerto Rico

The Future Forest – Mexico City, Mexico
Zach The Shaman – Suwannee, Florida, USA
Leo The Enlightened – Smokey Mountains, Tennessee, USA
Isak Heartstone – Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Niels Bragger – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Happy Wall – Beijing, China
The Troll Habitat – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Little Arturs – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Sneaky Socks Alexa – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Rocky Bardur – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Joe The Guardian – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Furry Ema – Morton Arboretum, Chicago, USA
Happy Wall – Edmonton, Canada
Big Young – Pyunggang, South Korea
Happy Kim – Pyunggang, South Korea
Mamma Wok – Pyunggang, South Korea
Mr Lee – Pyunggang, South Korea
Old Wise Woo – Pyunggang, South Korea

Sly The Spy – Suwannee, Florida, USA
Happy Wall – Santiago, Chile
The Magazine Tree – Middelfart, Denmark
Library Childrens Village – Helsingør, Denmark
Limbo Land 2 – Skanderborg, Denmark
9 Workshops in 9 Days – Fyn, Denmark
Robot Waiters – Copenhagen, Denmark
Space Cave – Copenhagen, Denmark
Laura and Julian – Horsens, Denmark
Happy Forest – Kolding, Denmark

Gro Selv Bench – Copenhagen, Denmark
WWF Timemachine – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy Swings – Bornholm, Denmark
Runes Tree – Suwannee, Florida, USA
Giant Toolbox – Valby, Denmark
Remake Christmas – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy Wall – Rio, Brazil
Bird Nest – Århus, Denmark
Hill Top Trine – Copenhagen, Denmark
Thomas on the mountain – Copenhagen, Denmark
Sleeping Louis – Copenhagen, Denmark
Bunker Band Room – Copenhagen, Denmark
Anna of Green – Hamburg, Germany
Little Tilde – Vallensbæk, Denmark
Black Bird – Mors, Denmark
Teddy Friendly – Høje Taastrup, Denmark
Mirroed Trash – Copenhagen, Denmark
Oscar under the Bridge – Ishøj, Denmark
Happy Alphabet – Copenhagen, Denmark
Simon and Anine – Århus, Denmark
Rob the Snake – Gold Coast, Australia
Kangaroo Kat – Gold Coast, Australia
Steve The Shark – Gold Coast, Australia
Wilsons Car – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Juicy Outdoor seeting – Copenhagen, Denmark
Remake Christmas – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy Wall – West Hollywood, USA
Snorra of Suwannee – Florida, USA
Crashed Car – Copenhagen, Denmark
Simon Selfmade – Århus, Denmark
Nordic Swan – Copenhagen, Denmark
Recycle Swap Shop – Copenhagen, Denmark
Big Boss Bertel – Copenhagen, Denmark
Arla Foodfest – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy Wall – Roskilde, Denmark
Frederikke – Copenhagen, Denmark
Limbo Land – Skanderborg, Denmark
Olav The Wolf – Copenhagen, Denmark
Ben Chiller – Århus, Denmark
Tree Trees – Skanderborg, Denmark
Troels The Troll – Horsens, Denmark
Carmouflage Birdhouses – Ishøj, Denmark
Outdoor Classroom – Copenhagen, Denmark
Testr Store design – Copenhagen, Denmark

Urbangarden Bike stand – Copenhagen, Denmark
Valby Givebox – Copenhagen, Denmark
Recycle Carpet – Copenhagen, Denmark
Picnic Bike – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy City Birds Mural v2 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Draft Beer Light – Copenhagen, Denmark
Reuropa Couch – Copenhagen, Denmark
Reuropa Chair – Copenhagen, Denmark
Remake Couch – Copenhagen, Denmark
Smuk Remake – Skanderborg, Denmark
Happy Wall – Copenhagen, Denmark
Hector El Protector – Culebra, Puerto Rico
Wooden Peacock – Copenhagen, Denmark
Giant Recycle Speakers – Copenhagen, Denmark
The Elephant – Århus, Denmark
Happy Wall – Las Vegas, USA
Giant Plastic Flower – Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordic Theme – Copenhagen, Denmark
TEDx Flowers – Copenhagen, Denmark
Remake Utopia – Copenhagen, Denmark
Furago – Copenhagen, Denmark
Bird Birdhouses – Horsens, Denmark
The Tv2 Machine – Copenhagen, Denmark
The Stolen Pony – Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy Mountain – Roskilde, Denmark

Birdhouse Totem – Odense, Denmark
Berlin Birdhouses – Berlin, Germany
Skateboard Birdhouses – Copenhagen, Denmark
Duck Castle – Skanderborg, Denmark
Birds in Beirut – Beirut, Libanon
640 Birdhouses – Roskilde, Denmark
Happy Birds Mural – Copenhagen, Denmark
Christmas Birdtree – Copenhagen, Denmark
Mr and Ms Scrapwood – Skanderborg, Denmark
Jack Lumber – Mors, Denmark

Cardboard Sailboat – Copenhagen, Denmark
Cardboard Christmas Tree – Copenhagen, Denmark
Flamingo Flamingo – Copenhagen, Denmark
Milk Box Cow – Copenhagen, Denmark
Giant Birdhouse – Copenhagen, Denmark

250 Birdhouses – Denmark