Downtown Petaluma and Travel Day

A Glimpse of Petaluma

We decided to check out downtown Petaluma before heading out towards Mt Shasta. We had seen signs for “Historic Downtown” so we went to investigate it. It appears that a lot of effort was put into making the downtown area a fun little place to be. The Petaluma River that flows through downtown is not particularly appealing and appears that it fluctuates with the tides from the ocean. the banks are muck, creating a rather unpleasant smell, dampening the ambience for the outside seating at the restaurants along the river. Photos HERE

We didn’t spend a lot of time there before heading to the Harvest Host in Corning which is about half way to to Shasta.

The Harvest Host worked out well other than the extreme heat of 103 degrees and no shade. We asked about using the generator during the night to run the A/C and were told that we were the only guests that night and it would be no problem. As it turned out some unexpected guests came in during the night at some point and expressed their opinions about generators in a not so pleasant manner. We suspect that they had not made arrangements to stay as we were told we were the only ones coming in that night. Photos HERE