Bryce Canyon ~ Day 3

What a Ride

Today we got on our E-Bikes and rode the Red Canyon Trail. The trail is a paved trail that runs through the Dixie National Forest, running parallel  to the highway at times. As the trail approaches Red Canyon, the views from this trail are amazing! We stopped at the visitor station and Red Canyon to get some information on hikes in the area. While we were there we once again bumped into Pete & Sharon. They had just hiked Golden Wall and we discussed that hike with them.

The trail goes from Red Canyon to Bryce City where it connects to the Bryce Canyon Shared Use Trail. We rode the Bryce Canyon section of that trail as well for a total of 36 miles. We really enjoyed the E-Bikes as a way to tour the area.

We plan to return to Red Canyon for some hiking during our stay here. What we saw is beautiful and completely different than what we have seen in Bryce Canyon. This whole area is incredible and the fact that it can vary so much in such a short distance is astounding. In fact this is all part of the Grand Staircase Region, which we clearly will need to explore more on another trip. Before exploring this area we thought the “Grand Staircase”was an attraction when in fact it is a region extending from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon. We had previously thought the term “Grand Staircase” referred to The Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.

Future Exploration

As we learn more of this area the terms Grand Circle and Colorado Plateau, which is going to take some research to learn more about this entire area and what kind of trip (or trips) would be required to take it all in. What is clear is that we definitely need to explore this all!

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