Newport – Day 1

A Rainy Day

As expected, today started out as a rainy day so we headed into Newport to do some touristy things. We ended up on the bay front and was Ripley’s and the WaxWorks. This was a new experience for Liz and I had not seen them for many years, so it was pretty entertaining for a rainy day.

There were seal lions gathered on the docks by one of the piers, barking and bickering with each other. They were hiarious!

As the day progressed the winds got stronger and on the trip back to the trailer we were wondering if we would get back with the kayaks still on top of the truck.

We stopped at a little place just south of the bridge for some seafood. Yelp gave this place a huge amount of great reviews which mystified us after eating the popcorn shrimp we ordered. It is a rare occasion that we throw out our leftovers, but neither of us could stomach the idea of repeating that, so into the dumpster it went! Guess you can’t win every time.

All in all today was a fairly quiet day. We did run a couple of errands while in town.