Boston ~ Day 2

A Snowy Morning

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and continued into the evening. When we woke this morning it was bright and very snowy outside. We had a quiet morning around the Airbnb as we figured out the plan for the day with the new baby and all. As the morning progressed we learned that the hospital visit would not be until 2 PM, so we decided to walk to Davis Square and take the Redline downtown to get a glimpse of Boston before taking the Redline later to see the new baby.

Needless to say, Liz is quite excited! In fact, it is quite entertaining to watch the transition to ‘Grandmother’, which is giving me some time to write in the travel journal.  🙂

A Rough Start

When we exited the Redline in downtown Boston I discovered that I no longer had possession of my wallet. My mind was instantly flooded with scenarios and how to deal with this situation. After walking in circles for a few minutes I finally settled on “OK, just deal with it”. Fortunately with todays phones and internet connectivity I was able to get contact information and immediately call to block credit cards and debit cards which eliminated the obvious immediate concern. Can’t fix it, then move on. No fixing this one, so we began exploring Boston.

A Glimpse of Boston

After settling down a bit, we proceeded to explore Boston a bit. Our first stop was Boston Common, America’s oldest park which was established in 1634. The park has a lot of history beginning with the Revolution and has been the center for eatly colonial events, political and social events. The Freedom Trail begins at Boston Common.

From Boston Common we walked to Little Italy to investigate the cannolis we had heard so much about on Youtube while researching Boston. We went to Bova’s and were definitely not disappointed! We also sampled a piece of pizza from this great Italian bakery. Bova’s has an authentic Italian feel to it and reminded us of our trip to Italy and some of the eateries we experienced there. Little Italy is charming and we caught a glimpse of The Old North Church which is known for the infamous “One if by land, two if by sea” and the midnight ride of Paul Revere.


After sampling the culinary delights in Little Italy, we proceeded to make our way to Mount Auburn Hospital to visit Owen and the new parents. We took the Redline to Harvard Square where we became a bit frustrated trying to locate the bus that would take us to the hospital and elected to just walk since Google told us it was only a 17 minute walk.

Owen was pretty silent and did not ever really wake up while we were there. Cory and Annie were pretty excited and it was fun to talk with them and see their joy. And of course Liz seemed to be enjoying the moment as well.


The initial plan to get back to our Airbnb was to walk back to Harvard Square and take the Redline to Davis Square then walk the trail back. When we got back to Harvard we walked the campus grounds. The campus is beautiful and we had a great time walking around.

As it turns out, the walk from Harvard back to the Airbnb was only around 30 minutes so we changed our plan for the Redline. Interestingly as we walked back we came to Beacon Street which is the street where Cory and Annie live. We checked their address and discovered we were a half block from their flat so we went to check it out.

We proceeded to walk ‘home’ and then pretty much collapsed. Today was the first of many days with LOTS of walking.

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