A Little Project

When we decided to go to Texas, part of the plan was to help Liz’s son Cory and his wife Annie with their house. Cory and Annie purchased a really nice home in San Antonio last year. The first winter in their new home, San Antonia experienced record breaking cold temperatures along with power outages. Out idea was to help them avoid some of the problems they experienced during that time.

Liz’s mother generously provided a generator that she is upgrading and we brought that along with us to San Antonio. The project was to install a generator transfer switch and wire in essential circuits in Cory and Annie’s home to provide heat and some basic necessities in the even t of a future power outage.

In addition to the generator, we relocated the dryer to be in the same area as the washing machine. That involved running a new 220 circuit and installing a dryer vent. Lastly, we created an area with drop down tarps to isolate the water heater and related plumbing in an area that can be protected from freezing if the temps again hit the record lows that were experienced last winter.

Hopefully Cory and Annie will not have those cold temps to deal with in the future, but now they are prepared if they do.


Cory and Annie’s House: