Seaside, Oregon – Days 6,7,8

All Good Things Come To An End.

As we come to the end of our journey and prepare to return to reality, we spent Day 6 preparing for our final leg of this trip.

We took two days for this stretch so we could stop and see Liz’s son Collin and his wife Rachelle. THe drive was very windy along the Gorge east of Portland and there was a bit of white knuckle driving as the trailer pulled us around in the gusts. We had made arrangements to stay at a Harvest Host winery, Anelare Winery in Benton City, WA, where we found great hosts and food. It was a quiet afternoon there so we were able to enjoy our time without Covid concerns.

Collin & Rachelle met us at the winery for a nice late afternoon wine tasting and pizza. After pizza, they took us to see their new home in West Richland.

After our stay in Benton City, we woke early (forgot about the time change) and headed home. The drive went without incident, however the same cannot be said for our arrival at home, but that is a whole other story that involves plumbing. Back to reality…