Newport Day 10

Lincoln City

Today we drove to Lincoln City, 25 miles north of Newport. There, we spent a little time just driving around and saw some areas that neither of us had seen before. Both of us have memories of being here when our kids were young but neither of us had really explored the town before.

We did stop at t North Face store and picked up a few items that were a great buy. Of course li’s eyes lit up at the sight of the Birkenstock store so we made a stop there as well. We checked out the beaches and discussed our memories as we drove around the town.

On te drive back to Newport we stopped at Boiler Bay and Whale Cove. At Whale Cove we did the walkabout and we spotted a whale at the entrance to th3 cove that was headed southward. We followed the wale along the shoreline as far as we could, then drove to the nest wayside and spotted it again. We also so a few blows a bit further off shore indicating a pod.

We stopped at Otter Rock ad Cape Foulweather to look for more whales. Apparently we had just missed it at Cape Foulweather, but we did spend some time here again just taking in the view.

Today was a fun day and the whae sighting was the highlight.