Yellowstone Day 12

No Agenda

Today we woke to smokey skies again.  We had a leisurely morning and watched the smoke situation.  As the day progressed a nice breeze came in so we decided to explore with our mountain bikes.

Biking in Yellowstone Park is very limited.  Cycling is allowed on the main roads, but it is not something we would feel comfortable with.  The traffic on the main roads can get tense in the truck, I cannot imagine riding these roads.

We left our campsite and headed to the ATV trails which go out into the Targhee National Forest. As we explored, we came to Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, which crosses the road not far from the RV park we are in.

A trail along the river led us back to the main road where we crossed the river on a pedestrian bridge.  Immediately across the bridge we found a great single track section which we rode.  The single track connected with an ATV trail, which led to another single track.

It appears that the trail system goes all the way to Henry’s Lake which is 10-12 miles away.  We rode for a while on this system before returning to our campsite.

Today was a nice relaxing day.  We are still figuring this extended travel thing out, but we are becoming more aware that ‘No Agenda’ days are important.  We are realizing that it could be very easy to run yourself ragged with so many play options.  Of course wondering how the smoke and wildfire situation is going to play out wears on us a bit, but we are getting it figured out.

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