Florence – Day 10


On one of our laundry days, we got into a discussion with a young man at the laundromat about kayaks. We asked him where a good place to kayak was and he told us about a place he liked. What sounded like “Silk Goose” turned out to be Siltcoos. We had a good laugh when we figured that out!¬† With a little research we found the Siltcoos River Trail.

We drove to the boat launch at Siltcoos Lake and put in there. The river entrance was back in a cove  and we paddled right past it, going a ways before deciding we had gone too far. we paddled back to the south edge of the marina and found the outlet into the river.

The river was beautiful with lush foliage on both sides. The route goes under 101 and comes to a small dam on the river. You can then portage around the dam and actually paddle to the ocean, which we chose not to do.

We took our time and enjoyed a nice leisurely paddle, taking in the tranquility of this quiet river trail. There is a kayak rental facility on the river shortly after leaving the lake. This kayak route was another great find!

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