Day 8

Just Taking it Easy

I woke up with an inner ear issue today, so we just took a quiet day. We went to the old bay front and spent some time at a coffee shop, sitting by the water with their outside seating area.

There has been a street musician lady down there every day playing an electric violin.  Listening to her music while enjoying our coffee and tea was really nice!

I used this time to move some photos from our phones to my computer.  The internet options at the RV park are so bad that moving photos around simply does not work. The coffee shop only offered public WiFi that is in the area which also did not work, but the cell service was good enough to create a hotspot.  Still, the hotspot was painfully slow, but the setting was pleasant enough to offset the frustration.

After coffee, se stopped by and did laundry.

A quiet day that started out pretty foggy and turned into a bright sunny day.