Bracken Ridge Park ~ San Antonio

Today Liz and I investigated Brackenridge Park. We had heard about it and had been wanting to see the Japanese Tea Garden which is a part of the park. The Japanese Garden was previously a rock quarry which has been transformed into a pretty amazing garden. We wandered the trails in the garden and enjoyed many different vies of the grounds.

After roaming the gardens, we got on our e-bikes and explored the remainder of Brackenridge Park. There are a few nature traisl that meander around the park and the San Antonio River flows through it creating a really scenic and tranquil setting. Well, mostly tranquil. There was one car that was running driving around honking at all the birds and playing Mexican music very loudly. We had the opportunity to enjoy that more than we really. needed to.

Observing different varieties of birds is always a fun way for Liz and I to pass time and this park did not disappoint. We observed more new variety of bird here than any one place that we recall, so this pretty much turned into a bird watching event.

After visiting Brackenridge, we had a great lunch at CommonWealth Coffeehouse and Bakery   After lunch we drove to Cory and Annie’s house and finished up a few loose ends on the project and load up my tools. We finished the day with a nice dinner with Cory and Annie at their house.

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