Adjusting to the Weather

Our plan for today was to go to Garner State Park which is on the Frio River. Cory and Annie had wanted us to see the family cabin on the river which is about a mile from Garner State Park.

The weather had other plans. There was a storm warning which actually evolved into a tornado warning, so we decided to just stay in San Antonio until we leave for the next leg of our journey.  Ultimately this was a good decision as there was Texas hail at Garner. Texas hail is unlike anything we have ever experienced. It is not uncommon for hail around San Antonio to be golf ball sized and lime sized. Vehicles in the San Antonio area sustained significant damaged from the storm.

We spent some time touring around the King William and downtown areas on our e-bikes. After our outing we went to Cory and Annie’s for dinner. We experienced another torrential Texas downpoors while at their house and drove back to our trailer during the tail end of that storm. That was a pretty intense drive, the visibility was challenging at best and the standing water on the road added a bit of excitement.