Bryce Canyon ~ Day 1

Getting Around

We discovered that Bryce Canyon National Park has a shuttle service that runs back and forth throughout the park. The shuttle stops right at the RV park we are staying at. After debating whether to use it or not, we decided to give it a try. It was awesome!  We will be using the service throughout our stay here. There is usually a bus that comes around within a few minutes wait and with the packed parking lots this is clearly a very efficient way to get around the park. We got on the bus and went to the visitor center to get a feel for what to expect here. We decided on the Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden hike to start our visit here.

First Glimpse

We took the shuttle to Sunrise Point which dropped us right at the viewpoint trail. We walked out to the viewpoint and just stood in awe of what we were seeing. The only word to describe what we saw is WOW! We immediately came to the realization that the three days we had planned for this stop was not going to be enough. We proceeded to walk to the beginning of the loop we had chosen for today, Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden This was an amazing hike with a never ending views of the canyon and hoodoos. Of course it took us almost 3 hours to hike 3.7 mies because we couldn’t stop looking at this amazing place.

More Exploring

After our hike we took the shuttle to Bryce Lodge and looked around a bit. We walked the grounds there and then headed to the information center where we spent some time looking at exhibits and learning about how the canyon came to be.

Change of Plans

When we got back to our trailer we inquired about extending our stay and booked a spot for another 3 nights at the overflow area behind Ruby’s Inn Hotel. The overflow is which is all part of the area we are currently in. We cancelled our reservations in Salt Lake City area that we had planned to do on our way back North from here.

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