Mt Shasta ~ Day 2

Hikes And Walkabouts

Our thought before getting to Mt Shasta was to hike on the mountain, however after chatting with the staff at the Visitor Center, we chose to do some lower elevation hikes. The reality is that the hikes on the mountain are above tree line and rather desolate.

To start the day we drove to Lake Siskiyou and explored a couple of routes doing out and backs. The entire trail around the lake is a little over 7 miles. We ended up with 3 miles with lots of stops to take in the views. One part of this hike wasThe Chalet Trail where there are chalets that can be rented.

After the lake we headed to Sisson Meadow and did a nice little stroll through the meadow on paved trails and boardwalks before heading to Shasta City Park to do a walkabout on some of the network of trails there. The park is at the Headwaters of the Sacramento River and is a very popular place for the ‘spiritual people’. We saw some interesting individuals enjoying the area. It is always fun to get a glimpse of other lifestyles.

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