Newport – Day 2

A Rainy Day, Again

Today, as expected, we woke to a rainy day. We had made arrangements to see the aquarium.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

Visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium this year was a different experience as are most atr=tractions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reservations are required in order to limit the number of visitors at any one time. The forecast was for rain today so we had previously made our reservation for 10:00 AM.

We enjoyed the aquarium  and for the most part people were respectful of the social distancing. As expected, some features were closed but this aquarium is a great attraction. One of the more interesting features is the open sea exhibit that has a series of acrylic tubes that you walk through to view the sea life in this attraction. the aquarium is large and has inside and outside attractions.  Map HERE.

The aquarium was built in 1992 but has been very well maintained and updates are constant. Before the aquarium, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, which is operated by OSU, was a great alternative to see and learn about sea life in the area. Sadly, Hatfield is currently closed due to the pandemic.

After the aquarium, we spent a bit of time at the Old Bay Front and grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to the trailer.