Day 7 Mt Vernont Trip 7/19/20


Quiet Day

Today was a pretty quiet day.  Liz and I discussed what went well and where we can inprove things with our new truck and trailer combo.  We also discussed our next trip plans and the possibility that we may need to change things around as we learned of possible family events that may need attention.

We spent some time in our camp chairs reading and catching up on news (how depressing.)  We discussed the organization of the trailer and what we could do differently to ake things more efficient.

All Good Things Must End

As always the day before travel day, a fair amount of time was spent preparing for tomorrow.  We took time to get things packed up and put away what we are not going to be using today.  It has been a good week, we hae done and seen a lot.  A quiet day is a nice way to end our trip and will make travel day much easier tomorrow.

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