Newport Day 11

In Search of a Hike

The hiking seems to leave a little bit to desire in the Newport area. We had found a hike in Lincoln City on AllTrails that looked good, but the trail head was a bit more remote than we felt comfortable with.

We found a short hike on the edge of town in a heavily wooded area. AllTrails lists it as Frank Wade Park Trail, but the kiosk at the trailhead is labeled Forest Park Trail. The rail is rather short at just over a mile each direction but does have significant grade to go over.

While we were on the return we met a couple that told us that the the trail continues from the park at the end of the trail to Agate Beach. We had just got back to the top o the hill when we learned that, so we decided o finish the hike and then drive to the park and hike the other section.

When we arrived at te park we did not like the idea of leaving the truck there while we hiked, so we then decided to drive to Agate Beach and hike it from that direction. Well, when we got to the Agate Beach parking area, we again were concerned with leaving the truck unattended. There were a few cars around with people that appeared to be druggies and we noticed the window had been broken out of the car parked nearest to us. As we were leaving the parking lot we made the decision to park at  a beach access area that was right on the Agate Beach Wayside and hike from there.

Ocean to Bay Trail

The trail from Agate Beach to the park is called the Ocean to Bay Trail and apparently is part of a route that you can walk from Agate Beach to Yaquina Bay. The portion we hiked from Agate Beach to Big Creek Park is a nice little trail through a heavily forested area with several bridges over the wetland areas. The tread on both is very smooth as is the other trail we were on earlier. The environment on both of these trails is pretty much rain forest setting and aspens.

The hikes today although short added up to about 4.5 miles of very enjoyable woodsy hiking. It was nice to be in the woods again and a surprise to fid these trails that were right on th edge of town

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