The Willapa Hills State Park Trail

The Willapa Hills Trail is 56 miles long, beginning in Chehalis, WA and going to South Bend, WA. South Bend is on the Hwy 101 coastal route. The trail is partially paved for a segment on each end with various levels of improvement in the middle section. We started our ride from the Chehalis trailhead. The trail is paved for about 5 miles from the east end, then transitions to compacted gravel. The trail continues like that till mile 27 at Pe Eli. We rode 10 miles out and then returned to Chehalis.

We really enjoyed this ride. This was really our first excursion on gravel with our e-bikes and we were very happy with the way they performed.

After returning to the trailhead, we rode our bikes into Chehalis and explored the historic district a bit. There are some nice older homes in the area that work their way up the hillside. The traffic in the downtown area was more than we expected in this town. In fact, it was not particularly comfortable riding in the downtown. After exploring a bit, we stopped at Jeremy’s Farm to Table for a bite to eat.

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