Seaside, Oregon – Day 1

Seaside By Bike

Today we rode our bikes into town and rode the Promenade before exploring around the town. We rode out the south end of town along the beach and then proceeded up a hill where there were some pretty fabulous homes. At the top of the hill we found a trailhead at The Elmer Feldenheimer Forest Reserve, and decided we would come back another day to investigate. We did talk to a young fellow (Liz calls him the hippie) and he recommended the hike. He told us it went about a mile to the top.

While riding around on the Promenade we came to a marker for the end of the Lewis & Clark Trail. There is quite a bit of history around Seaside about Lewis & Clark, which makes me want to learn more of that expedition. The trail mentioned above was used by Lewis & Clark. Apparently Sacajawea took them over that route to Cannon Beach where a whale had beached itself, at least that is the story ‘the hippie’ told us.

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