Yellowstone Day 10

Change of Plans

The wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington are devastating this year.  Consequently the smoke and air quality in Bend, OR are in the 600 levels which is considered ‘Very Hazardous’.  With a week in Bend on our schedule, we decided we needed to rethink things.  This was not an easy decision as we were really looking forward to exploring the Bend area.

Reserving RV sites on short notice is challenging, so we spent a good part of today looking at options and deciding how to avoid Bend.  Another consideration in our itinerary was the Tetons.  When we reserves our sites in the Tetons, we could not get a full week in one park and booked two different parks.  Moving to a different park and losing a day to travel was not exciting to start with, but now things were looking differently with the schedule change and some map study, we realized that perhaps a change in the Tetons was in order as well.

The two parks in the Tetons were arranged with the first reservation on the west side of the Tetons and the second reservation on the east side neat the Yellowstone entrance. The problem here is with the next stop being Boise it would be a very long travel day.  That was OK until when looking at changes was looking like a very long drive after a short stay in Boise.

To avoid Bend and not any viable options between Boise and our next stop, Florence, OR, we realized a very long travel day leaving Boise.  Fortunately the South Jetty RV Park where we had reservations was able to get us in for an earlier arrival.

New Itinerary

After looking at various scenarios, we managed to put together a schedule.  We cancelled the second stop in the Tetons and extended our stay in Boise.  We then cancelled our reservation in Bend and extended our stay in Florence.

Of course when cancelling and extending stays, planning activities changes.  By the end of the day we were satisfied with out new itinerary and the activities we have planned (at least for now) for the remainder of our excursion.

Taking a Break

We did take a break in the planning.  As mentioned earlier, there are endless trails for ATVs and Razors in this area.  We took a little time exploring some of these trails.  While walking around some of these trails we decided that if there is time before we leave, it would be fun to take our mountain bikes out and explore more of this area.

During our exploration we came across an artifact. The artifact appears to be an abandoned Chrysler Town & Country from the mid to late 40s. Pretty exciting, huh?



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