Yellowstone Day 6

Winter In September?

There was a major change of weather late yesterday and last night.  The snow we had on the drive home accumulated in the park, varying with elevation.  The temperature this morning was 31 degrees, so the plan of cycling changed to hiking.

Prismatic Attempt

We stopped at Grand Prismatic Spring but were disappointed.  With the cold temperatures, the steam/fog coming off the spring was so thick that we could not even see the spring. We did do the walkabout on the boardwalk took a few photos and moved on to the hike.

Mystic Falls

The Mystic Falls hike starts at Biscuit Basin.  Biscuit Basin is interesting but the hike was fantastic!  This hike in without question our favorite so far at Yellowstone.  The hike leaves the geyser basin and soon splits.  To the left you can go directly to Mystic Falls .7 miles away.  The route to the right takes you up to the lookout point at the top of the bluff behind the basin.  The views from the upper route are incredible and the trail is very open to the views.  Unfortunately the camera is not capable of capturing what a person experiences on this trail.

After reaching the top, the trail meanders back down in a loop to reach the falls.  Mystic Falls is one of the nicer falls we have seen anywhere.  It cascades in multiple falls as it works it’s way through the small canyon.

Biscuit Geyser Basin

The hike then returns to Biscuit Geyser Basin which we did the boardwalk and viewed.  We met a young man there that also scuba dives and we had an interesting conversation with him about quarry diving and deep dives.  We marvel at the conversations we get into in our travels.  So many nteresting people!

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