The Drive To Texas

Day 1 – Today we drove from home to an RV park about an hour south of Billings, MT.  We stayed at the 7th Ranch RV Park which is located just a few miles from the Little Bighorn Battlefield where the Seventh Cavalry led by Lt. Col. Custer, fought the Sioux and Cheyenne under the leadership of Sitting Bull, known as Custer’s last stand. We had a long day, 11 hour on the road and with an early departure on Day 2, we did not have the opportunity to tour the battlefield. The battlefield is on our list of places needing further exploration. The drive was long but we enjoyed seeing some new country for us to see together. It was interesting for me to see some of the areas I remember seeing as a chile while vacationing here with my parents.  Thanks Mom!

Montana is a huge state! We did not realize how bit it is until after driving all day we were only half way across the state. It was pretty interesting to cross through so many variations of environment, including crossing the Continental Divide and the Rocky Mountains.

Day 2 – Today we drove to a KOA in the Fort Collins, CO area. It was another long day and we enjoyed some nice views of the Rocky Mountains. Apparently it is still winter in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. BRRRRR! We did not particularly enjoy driving trough Wyoming. The roads were rough and the area seemed pretty desolate. We did spot some pronghorn in some of the pastures and Sheridan looked like it may be an interesting area to explore sometime.

Day 3Our route today was from Fort Collins to Amarillo, TX. It was the toughest drive so far this trip. We encountered very heavy traffic and congestion in the Denver area along with driving through what seemed like continuous construction zones with extremely narrow lanes. After things settled down we came across heavy wind fog for a few hours. It was definitely a white knuckle kind of day The rest area situation in Colorado is, well, interesting. After over 3 hours of driving we came across the first rest area and it was closed  The next one was a couple hundred miles away.

Our route through Northeast New Mexico took us through a seiries of small towns that consisted of boarded up buildings and what looked like a pretty depressed economy. It ws good to finally get to Amarillo where we stayed at Fort Amarillo RV Park.

Day 4The drive today was pretty unremarkable through the northern part of Texas. The area is very flat and pretty much no vegetation. It seemed pretty run down with mostly small towns that have closed businesses and boarded up buildings. That was pretty consistent all the way to Menard where we got into treed areas and hills. The drive from Menard to San Antonio was much more scenic and enjoyable that the northern part of the state.

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