Florence – Day 1

A Rough Start

Today started at, and ended much differently than we were expecting.  the campground issue was the biggest contributor to that!  After sorting that out and moving on, it turned into a great day, let it go and don’t look back as they say.

Exploring Florence

The Florence area is all about The Sand Dunes to many visitors here. Sand rails and ATVs are seen everywhere.  THere are multiple websites about the dunes, guides, rentals, access, campgrounds, etc. The dunes are interesting to see, however playing in the sand with motorized equipment was not something we are interested in.

After leaving the campground, we had a little time before checking into our new site, so we spent some time on the old bay front in Florence.    The bay is on the Siuslaw River, and has a similar feel as the Old Bay Front in Newport. There are more galleries here, but still quite touristy and viewing a historic bridge that crosses the Siuslaw River.

We walked around the quaint streets and got coffee and tea, as well as some tasty goodies at a small little bakery, Sweet Magnolia Bakery and walked over to the water front to enjoy the view and catch our breath from our morning.

After our little break, we salkde around the area and checked out the galleries and shops, then went to the boardwalk and marina area for a stroll.

Getting Settled

From the bay front, we headed to the RV park where we would be spending the next couple of weeks.  After getting checked in and setting up, we walked a few blocks to Heceta Beach to get some sea air.  The ocean was fairly socked in, but the surf was visible.  The beach is long and flat, with loose sand at the edges and a wide firm area where the sea keeps it damp.  The fog moved in and out on the beach as we walked along.  It was a nice way to wrap up what started out as a morning of pandemonium.

We are looking forward now to finding our adventures in the Florence area in the upcoming days.

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