Newport Day 4

Making Plans

While driving into Newport the last couple of days, we noticed a glass blowing shop in South Beach. Our curiosity got the best of us so we went to find out about it. We drove to the shop and made plans to return the next day to try our hand at glassblowing. This should be interesting!

Yaquina Head

When we left the glassblowing studio, we stopped by Coasties Roasties for coffee and treats before heading to Yaquina Head.

Yaquina Head and the lighthouse have been one of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast since I was a child traveling here with my parents, and Liz and I have always enjoyed this area. I have explored the area much more extensively sind Liz and I have been traveling to the Oregon Coast.

Today we explored some of the hikes in the area we had not previously done, totaling around 4 miles. It was high tide when we were there, apparently we have not been there at high tide before. The stones at Cobble Beach were rolling in the surf and made a really interesting and pleasant sound. We watched seals in the surf at this beach, we are always amazed at how they play in the crashing surf around the rocks.

After Cobble Beach we walked to the top of Salal Hill where there are some pretty amazing views of Agate Beach to the south and Moolach Beach to the north as well as some different vistas of the lighthouse. We then proceeded to Quarry Cove where we saw a bunch of harbor seals on the rocks. As we were watching the seals, the suddenly all got up and jumped in the water. It was quite a commotion and we did not understand what instigated all the sudden activity. It was all quite entertaining!

The rest of time here was spent walking to the top of Communications Hill where we were agin treated to some amazing views of Agate Beach, Newport, the jetty and actually all the way to Cape Perpetua. It is called Communications Hill because at the top there are radio towers that are operated by the Coast Guard.

We spent a lot more time at Yaquina Head than we had planned and by the time we were leaving it was getting to be late afternoon wo we decided not to venture any further up the coast today. The weather was great and we had a really fun day exploring the area.

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