Boston ~ Day 1

Day 1

Today was pretty quiet. We walked to a small bakery about 10 minutes away and got a few goodies. After that we did a little exploring. Annie was due March 3, but went into labor today, March 9. We really did not know what to expect, so we decided to explore the Somerville Community Path which runs directly behind the place we are staying. Somerville is the area where Cory and Annie live and is fairly close proximity to Harvard.

We walked the trail to Davis Square which is the closest access to the Redline. The Redline is the subway that goes to downtown Boston. We checked out the subway access and acquired a CharlieCard where we can preload the card for paying for passes for the public transit system.

A fair amount of time today was spent researching the public transit system and figuring out how to find bus schedules and routes. We did explore the area around Davis Square and bought a few more groceries before walking back to our rental. It felt a bit wintery today which we knew was a possibility, but still…

Our first impression of the area is that people here seem very friendly the politics here seem to align with our ideas.

The Baby

The baby arrived late tonight, born 11:11 PM. Owen Timothy Ames-Bright, 8.1 lbs. 20 inches.

We are at this point not sure what tomorrow looks like, “Every day is an adventure” as they say.

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