Eureka, California

An Exercise In Flexibility

Our plan for the day was to investigate the Eureka Waterfront Trail on our e-bikes and explore the historical downtown area. As the day progressed, those plans changed somewhat.

After arriving at Eureka and finding a place to park, we discovered that one of the e-bike tires was flat. It turns out that one of the bike pedals had been rubbing on the tire the entire time and had rubbed a hole through the side wall. The problem here is that changing a tire on the e-bikes is pretty much impossible on the road. So we went in search of a bike shop to get a new tire and have it installed.

Once we had the bikes operable, we rode by a couple of historic mansions before heading to the waterfront trail. We headed west on the trail which went through an industrial area. Well that was not exactly what we had in mind, so we returned to the truck where we discovered another trail heading east. We took that trail and found it to be much more enjoyable.

After the trail we rode through the downtown area which was ok, but not really too exciting. By this point we felt we had had enough of Eureka so we made our way to Arcada where we met Liz’s niece Georgia and her friend Andy for dinner at Redwood Curtain Brewing Company¬†where they have a permanent food truck that makes great burgers and such.

On our way back to our trailer we took a side trip to Ferndale. There was a sign on the highway describing it as an historic victorian attraction. We were pretty smitten with that little town and felt we would have enjoyed the day exploring that area much more than Eureka.

All things said,  it was an interesting day. We were, however, ready to move on to our next stop.

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