The Whole Other Story

So we got up early today and got all hooked up and ready to pull out. And then…

Those Little Surprises

Well surprise may not be the correct term as we had some warning along the way. The A/C compressor, which had been making noise the last week or so, decided that this would be a good time to seize up. We were not going anywhere soon. This took a bit to sort out how to deal with the situation. I had purchased a belt for a non a/c truck in Boise thinking it might be possible to bypass the compressor till we got home if it failed. After spending some time pursuing that, it became clear that it was not a viable solution.

Some calls to parts store in the area told us that parts were available but we were 25 miles away in the woods with no transportation. We called a taxi and arranged to have the part picked up and brought to us at the campground.. About an hour later the driver called to say he had given other fares priority as we were not local and had not picked up the parts yet and would not be able to get there till around 2 in the afternoon.

At that point frustration was beginning to win out. We were able to locate another taxi service who promised to bring the part to us immediately. After we gtot the parts I then proceeded to replace the A?C compressor and install a new belt. It was an ‘interesting’ experience to do that repair out in the woods. Fortunately I always bring some tools along when we travel. The alternative would have been to have the truck and out trailer towed somewhere and then be stranded for a day or two while we wait for a repair facility. Neither of us thought that sounded like a good time.

Anyway, we finally got things together and were on the road at around 1:30 PM, instead of 7 AM as we had planned. All in all we were actually very fortunate that it happened where it did . As we were driving along I-5 we considered how that would have played out if it the failure had occurred then. We continued the day and into the evening without incident.

In the end it was just another chapter in the Robb and Liz story that we will laugh about…someday.