San Antonio ~ Day 2

One of Those Days

So travel fatigue caught up with us today. Or maybe it was just a series of “Senior Moments,” but whatever the forces behind the ‘series of unfortunate events’, let’s just say it was an interesting day.

It all started out pretty normal, we drove from our RV Park to downtown San Antonio to meet Liz’s son Cory at a little french bakery. We grabbed some treats and headed to the historic King William District. We enjoyed our pastries at a little park, then walked around the neighborhoods and explored the River Walk in that area. The river walk in that area is quiet and peaceful. I was wishing I had my other camera to capture some images of the birds in the area. We had a great time exploring this area.

Then it Began

So the next activity is when it became clear that things would require some attitude adjustments. We drove to a trailhead to ride our e-bikes on the riverwalk to the Mission District. It seems the river walk goes on for miles and miles. Well…as I was unlocking the canopy to get our e-bikes, I realized that we had no batteries for the bikes. I a=had taken them into the trailer the previous night to top off the charge and failed to put them back in the bikes.

Of course e-bikes weigh about 50 lbs, so we pondered on whether to attempt this ride. Cory and Liz found a couple of rental e-bikes that are around San Antonio. I mad the decision to ride my bike without a battery as the trail is relatively flat for the most part,  and I figured that could be my punishment for my stupidity.

We enjoyed our ride nonetheless and visited the San Juan Mission which is one of many historic missions in this area. This was a pretty cool ride. We saw lots of interesting waterfowl along with cardinals and other feathered friends. There was a lot of activity on the trail and kayaks in the river. When we returned to the car, Liz realized she had left her helmet at the bike rental rack where she and Cory had found the rentals. There was a moment of high anxiety! Liz called Cory who was in route to the rental location and to our unbelievable fortune, he found that the helmet was still there! So, all in all, it turned out to be a good day and a fun adventure.

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