Newport Day 9

North Jetty

The North Jetty has been on our list of things to do since we were at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse last week. We parked at the lighthouse state park and walked to the jetty from there. The surf was pounding pretty hard on the jetty as we approached and we were wondering if we were going to get wet.

The walk to the jetty as well as the first part of the jetty was loose sand and slow walking. It was a pleasant walk though since the sun had come out and was a really nice change from all the rain we had yesterday.

After we got out of the loose sand and onto the rocks it turned into boulder hopping with lots of stops to watch the wave action. It was fun to be out among the big waves and watching them crash on the rocks. Along the rocks there were starfish and sand crabs, as well as a sea lion that was swimming in the channel. THe views out to Yaquina Head was fascinating with the surf between us and the lighthouse.

The surf was really big as we progressed further out the jetty and the waves crashing on the rocks go to be a game of dodging the splash and spray. Liz lost the game to one of the breakers, but didn’t get soaked liked we thought we might.


We spent more time on that jetty than we thought, it was mesmerizing to watch the wave action. By the time we finished our tour of the jetty we were getting pretty hungry so we headed back to Nye Beach District for some lunch. We walked around a bit before we decided to go to The Chowder Bowl. We had eaten there on an earlier trip and we were not disappointed.

In Search of Tide Pools

After lunch we drove south to Seal Rock thinking we would find some good tide pools there. Low tide is pretty late right now, in fact well after dark, so we did not succeed in finding any good pools. We did stop for some beach views along the way to and from Seal Rock before returning to our trailer.

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