Bend ~ Day 1

Bend By Bike

Initially we thought we might take the tandem out, but after getting a feel for the area, we thought e-bikes would be a good way to experience the area. We learned about where you can find gravel and urban bike routes. The website is a great source for local rides in various area around the western US and Canada. We chose a route called Townie and downloaded it to Ride With GPS. We added a ride up Pilot Butte to our route. We saw the butte while exploring Bend by car the previous day.

The route started and ended in the Old Mill District and took us along the Deschutes River where locals and tourists all enjoy floating as well as Arnold Canal. The canal runs throughout the city and in places is quite scenic. As we were riding along the canal, we saw a range very expensive homes homes to not such great neighborhoods and even industrial areas. We rode through some residential area as well as natural and municipal area. It was a pretty great way to see the different area around Bend.

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