Leavenworth, WA

September 2023 ~ Maiden Voyage for the Airstream

After the Jayco disaster, we spent a few weeks getting the Airstream all set up so we could make a short trip to Leavenworth, WA. We made a reservation at the Thousand Trails campground there and headed out.

On the way we stopped at Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee. Ohme Garden was created by a family relative on Liz’s mother’s side. Liz has been wanting to check it out, so we made a stop there. It was pretty amazing to see and learn how it was created. Photos HERE.

Leavenworth is a fun little town and we spent a day exploring. We rode the mountain coaster at Leavenworth Adventure Park, which it seems Liz did not particularly enjoy, before walking around and checking out the Waterfont ParkToday’s Photos HERE

We took one day and went kayaking on Lake Wenatchee. This was a really fun time, there was nobody there and we had a nice quiet paddle around the outlet end of the lake. This is a great time of year to enjoy the beauty of Lake Wenatchee. Photos HERE

At the campground we found a nice trail up on the hillside above the campground. We wandered around for a few miles up there wishing we had discovered it earlier.

The trip was fun and we were very happy with the Airstream and are looking forward to more adventures with better options for campsites with this smaller trailer. The Thousand Trails campggpund worked at well for us, where the bigger Jayco would have been problematic.



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