Boston ~ Day 8

More Exploring

The Charles River Esplanade had come up in our research of Boston, so we thought it would be fun to check it out and get a nice walk along the Charles River. While planning our day and access to the Esplanade, we saw the Boston Public Garden , which is right across the street from Boston Common. Additionally, we saw the Commonwealth Avenue Mall which extends several blocks past the Public Garden. We took the Redline to Park Street to begin our day.

When we exited the Redline and walked through Boston Common to get to the Public Garden, we discovered that The Common is larger than we realized when we were there before.

Boston Public Garden

The Public Garden is a really nice park. As we walked around, we were imaging it would look like in May. As the images (link below) show, the ponds and fountains were drained and nothing yet in bloom, but it was clear that it would be beautiful a little later in the year.

We saw the Make Way For Ducklings Sculpture which is a tribute to Robert McCloskey’s classic children’s book about a duck family in Boston.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

After leaving the garden, we crossed the street and walked though the Commonwealth Mall. Commonwealth Avenue is lined with very nice homes that were the homes of the wealthy British loyalists in the 1700s. The homes are still very nice.

The Charles River Esplanade

The Esplanade has an interesting history, The entire area was at one time a tidal flood area that was unusable. A dam was built in Boston in the early days to prevent the tidal flooding, and then the area was filed in creating the area that is there today. It is a great area to walk or cycle and is enjoyed by the locals as well as tourists.

We really enjoyed the Esplanade before taking the Redline to Harvard Square where we met Cory & Annie for a little walk along the river in that area.


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