San Antonio Botanical Gardens

We spent the majority of the day at the Botanical Gardens. Our intention was to visit the gardens then got to Brackenridge Park for the remainder of the day. As it turned out, the gardens were so vast that it took up most of the day. By the time we finished at the gardens we were in need of some food, so we headed to Boss Bagel for bagel sandwiches.

We had a great time walking around the Botanical Garden which is divided into several sections of various types of flora and vegetation. In addition to the flower gardens there were trails to walk and a bird watching shelter where we spent a fair amount of time.

While we were walking the grounds, we witnessed a gentleman proposing to a young lady. She was pretty emotional although it was difficult to determine if she knew ahead of time or not. Either way it was a very special moment for them.

We hope to still see Brackenridge Park while we are here.

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