Golden Gate Park

A New San Francisco Experience

We drove into San Francisco this morning and parked at The Presidio Main Parade Lawn Parking Lot. We spent some time researching the parking options in San Francisco and it looked like this was a safe and reasonably inexpensive option. When we arrived we felt very happy and comfortable with that choice. We unloaded the e-bikes and set out on our adventure. We chose the Golden Gate Park as our destination for today. Ont the way to the park we passed Ausicault Bakery, which had a huge line of people waiting to get in the door. We decided we would need to return and sample the treats there at some point.

As it turns out Golden Gate Park is HUGE and more than one day is needed to explore all it has to offer. We were a little disappointed to discover that bicycles are only allowed on roadways and designated trails, but it was not really too much of an issue, traffic is so slow through the park that we didn’t have any problems.

We rode around a bit and decided to visit the Japanese Tea Garden.  At the end of the walk through the garden we stopped at the tea house for some treats before heading to The Botanical Garden Both these attractions are very large and took a lot of time to explore. We finished out the day just riding around the park. It ws pretty amazing how busy the park had become while we were exploring the gardens.  All the roadways were completely lined on both sides with parked cars. We rode around Strawberry Hill and several of The Meadows before riding back to our truck.

In Summary, The Golden Gate Park is pretty amazing, and the number of people that visit it is equally amazing. We were glad we took the time to experience the park and if time allows on this trip, we will likely spend another day there.

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