Jayco Problems

As we were preparing for a scheduled trip in July, we encountered a major problem with our Jayco travel trailer. When I attempted to retract the kitchen / living roomslide, the slidout wtopped because it was hitting the floor.

After working out a way to get the slide in, we took the trailer back to Camping World, the dealer, where it sat for the majority of the summer. The diagnosis was that the wall that the slide sits in had fallen off the floor. It was also explaied to us that theentire wall was held inplacee by a single deck screw ion each side of the slideout. It was also suggested that Jayco was not going to participate in the repair. We spent several days going back and forth with the dealer trying to resolve the matter. During this time, the dealer let the batteries completely drain on multiple occasions.

After a long frustrating experience with dealing with Camping World and the ridiculous interaction with the service department, general manager, and Jayco, the repair was taken care of at no cost to us.

We had problems with the slidout onour previous trailer as well, so when we got the trailer back from the service department after two months, we immediately sold it ans purchased a 2014 Airstream 30FBB with NO slides.

we are really looking forward to travellingwith the Airstream as we contine our adventures. It tows much easier and scaling down feels like a good fit. Less things to go wrong and a much simpler camping experience, if you can call what we do ‘camping’.