Yellowstone Day 7

West Yellowstone

Today was a pretty quiet day.  We drove to West Yellowstone which is just outside the park.  We went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center which was quite interesting.  We learned quite a lot about grizzly bears and wolves.  The animals and raptors that are at the center all all rescues that have been injured, orphaned, or a nuisance to domestic areas.  The animals were either euthanized or brought to a facility like the center in West Yellowstone.


We did have to spend a little time in the real world and stopped at a laundromat to get that issued taken care of.

Escape From Reality

We spent the rest of the time in this little town walking around looking at the trinket shops.  We did find one place that was ok and purchased a few of the required souvenirs to cement the visit to memory.  Well anyway, we spent a few dollars on trinkets.

After all that work we were getting pretty hungry so of course we had to get some ice cream!

No Photos Today