Florence Day 13

In Search of Tide Pools

We headed out today t see if we could find any tide pools in the area.

Stonefield Beach

Our first sop was Stonefield Beach.  creating a great area for tide pools and surf crashing into the rocks and crevices.

We spent quite a while at this roadside attraction, mostly in solitude. The wave action was captivating and the tide pools offered a variety of critters. By the time we left we were getting a bit hungry and decided to head to Yachats a bite to eat.


The gentleman who checked us in to our RV park had recommended a good place for sea food in Yachats, so we decided to check it out.  We were not disappointed.

After lunch we investigated the town a bit and found Yachats to be a great little seaside town with a comfortable feel. All the businesses and homes are clean and well maintained showing a pride in ownership.

Driving out of Yachats, we drove down Yachats Ocean Drive which is an ocean front street with pullouts. We stopped and walked around the rocks on the ocean. While there we discovered a blowhole in the rock which was quite entertaining!

Again  the wave action on the rocks was captivating ,and again we spent a fair amount of time exploring the area.

Having time to explore the coast leisurely has been really interesting as we are finding that each stop has unique features. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel without having the pressure to get back home.


Our last stop today was at North Neptune Wayside. The Neptune area has multiple accessibility. The features at this beach ranged form a sandy beach to rock formations mixed with sandy beach to tidal rock formations, There was a small cave on the beach and the rock in this area had ribbons of varying types of stone running through the rock outcroppings.

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