Mt Shasta ~ Day 1


We had a short drive from the Harvest Host in Corning, so we arrived in the town of Mt Shasta mid morning. We found our RV Park, then went to the Visitor Center to get info on the many hikes and walkabouts in the area. When researching  All Trails for hiking in this area, it appeared that most of the hikes on the mountain are above tree line and rather desolate. Our visit to the Visitor Center confirmed that, however we found some great info on hikes in the area.

Spring Hill Hike

We had some time today so we hiked Spring Hill  which with the elevation, offers some views of the mountain and downtown. Although it was quite hot, it was nice to get out today since the stay at Mt Shasta is only a couple of days.


We explored downtown Mt Shasta before and after our hike. We stopped in at a gear shop to pick up a shade hat for me as it was really hot and the sun intense. After the hike we wlaked around town before stopping at Alua’s Thrive Bar where we had a wonderful smoothie before deciding to eat dinner there.

One thing we discovered about this little town is that it is very spiritual, to the point that it felt like we were at woodstock. Everywhere we went we saw crystals, tarot card readings and overheard talk of ‘my Tibetan bell’ and ‘my spiritual name’. For lack of better words to describe the feel here, it was a true ‘hippie town’ and we were among ‘the flower children’. It felt like 1969.

The town is also frequented by the PCT travelers and there were backpackers everywhere. Our first day here left us curious about this little town.


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