Changing Plans

When planning this trip we thought it would be fun to ride bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, ride through Sausalito, and take a ferry back to San Francisco. After a few trips across the bridge and observing all the bikes and pedestrians, we concluded that in fact that did not really look like a lot of fun. On weekends, bicycles are on one side of the bridge and walkers on the other, which would be an improvement over the weekdays where only on side of the bridge is used for both walkers and cyclists. We decided it might be more enjoyable to just take the e-bikes to Sausalito and explore the area more thoroughly.

A Gem On the Bay

Sausalito is a really great town with a quaint downtown waterfront area. We kept commenting that it felt like our visit to Italy many years ago, not in the architecture or restaurants, but just in the cultural feel of this town. Words cannot really explain that feel, but it was a fun day exploring the area.

We rode out towards the Golden Gate on a nice route along the water before exploring the residential area immediately behind the waterfront downtown area. As we see in many coastal towns, the streets went up a hillside offering the homes some fantastic views.

After riding around, we stopped at a little cafe along the waterfront street and enjoyed a nice lunch. We then parked the bikes at the designated bike parking lot and walked around checking out the shops and ice cream.

We were surprised at the number of people that had rented bikes in San Francisco, rode the bridge and took the ferry back. The are was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of bikes. In fact there are signs that say bike parking in designated areas only.

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