South Jetty Campground

A Disappointment

We had booked for two weeks and when we arrived we learned that only water and electric sites were available, no full hook-ups.  We were then told to find a spot.  The park is arranged in a very confusing layout, Map HERE, which we had to maneuver around in while pulling the trailer to try to find a suitable campsite.

We were told on arrival that we could move to a full hookup when one became available.  We struggled to get parked in the dark and then walked the entire campground looking for people that were leaving and discovering that half of the full hookup sites were in disrepair and closed off.  We located 3 sites that would be available the next day.

Thinking we would be moving to a different site the next day, we decided to not unhook from the truck and just hook up power, which was only 30 amp.  The next morning I got on my mountain bike and cruised the campground to see if any of the three sites we had pinned down would be geting out for an early departure.  No sign of life at any of them as of 8:30 AM

We then went to get our slip for the remaining days of our booking as when we checked in, we only got a slip for one night.  When gettin =g our new slip, we leaned that even if we moved, it would be only temporary because all the full hookup sites in the entire campground were going to be closed so they could do repairs.  That would happen during our booked time, requiring us to move yet again!

The Campground

The campground is not a bad arrangement, although it was a compete mud hole due to recent rain.  The sites vary in size and amenities, some being complete dry camping. Campsites vary in privacy, some being very good and others offering no privacy whatsoever.  It is densely treed, much like you would expect in a state park setting.  Using the campground map was rather confusing due to the loops not being marked well and with the trees and topography, it was difficult to understand where you were on the map.


There are no connectivity options at all in this campground.  The only option being cell phone and hot spot and there is not a strong enough cell signal to load a web page.