Newport Day 3


Online ballots were available today, October 13,  so we printed our ballots, filled them out and went to find a post office to get them mailed. We were happy to have that done, we have been wondering how that would go since August when we e=were planning this trip.

After we got the ballots in the mail, we had the rest of the day to do some sight seeing, so we headed north.

Depoe Bay

We decided to take a drive up to Depoe Bay. As we drove up the coast, we were checking out other spots to visit while in the area. Depoe Bay claims to be “The World’s Smallest Harbor'”  What that means is that it has he smallest natural navigable harbor in the world. The iconic Depoe Bay Bridge frames the entrance into the harbor. Thise bridge is another historic bridge on the Oregon coast. The combination of the bridge and this small harbor create a landmark of the central coast area.

Depoe Bay is always a fun place to stop. It is unique with the seawall on one side of Hwy 101 and the shops and restaurants on the other side. The surf crashing on the rock formations beyond the seawall are always entertaining.

We walked around the street visiting some of the shops. We did find a nice gallery that we liked and purchased a few items for our backyard project at home.