Florence – Day 4

Devil’s Churn

Timing turned out great at this attraction as we arrived at near high tide.  Devil’s Churn is mesmerizing at high tide.  The draw to stand and watch as the surf comes in and churns around in this chasm is compelling.  The power of the surf is displayed in no uncertainty and it is almost like looking at artwork watching it all.

Cape Perpetua

After observing Devil’s Churn we then went to Cape Perpetua which is very close by.  Here we saw Thor’s Well and Sprouting Horn, and Cove Beach as well as some more amazing surf crashing onto the rocks.  There are several little hikes around this area and Devil’s Churn.  With the small hikes, adding up to about 3 miles,  and just enjoying the area snd surf, we used up the entire day.  We will have to return here for the St Perpetua peak hike we wanted to do.

It is nice to have the time to take the time to really experience the coast on this trip.  Having two weeks at Florence gives us the flexibility to slow down and experience this area, saving the hike for another day.

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