Boston ~ Day 7


Our intention today was to visit the USS Constitution, also know as Old Ironsides, so we started looking at how to get there on the transit system. Since we had heard what a great placeĀ Three Little Figs Coffee and Bakery is, we decided to check it out on the way so we walked there before grabbing a bus to Sullivan Square. Well, we have no need to visit Three Little Figs again. That was quite disappointing.

After the bus ride to Sullivan Square, we began the walk through Charlestown to the Bunker Hill Monument. As we walked we realized that Charlestown is an interesting area. The homes that we passed were well maintained and the side streets had a sort of San Francisco look with the hills.

We connected back onto the Freedom Trail at the Bunker Hill Monument and followed t to the USS Constitution.


Lesson learned here: check the schedule of attractions before you plan your day! Of course the USS Constitution is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, ugh. We walked around the Boston Naval Shipyard and viewed the Constitution and a World War 2 destroyer. The shipyard was interesting with some old cranes that run on tracks and some interesting old signs that gave us a little chuckle. Dry Dock 1 was interesting to see, I remember reading that the Constitution had spent some time in dry dock during the restoration process.

More Freedom Trail

We meandered along some more of the Freedom Trail after finishing up at the shipyard. As we started back towards downtown Boston, we came across the Tatte Bakery & Cafe. We had a great lunch there before walking back to the Redline. As we walked we came across Paul Revere Park, where we had some great views of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. We had seen the bridge from many places around Boston and had ridden across it in an Uber, but this was the first time to actually get a good view of it. The park itself had a lot of mosaic that was in disrepair. Whether it was from the elements or human damage was not clear, but it was clear that it had been really nice in the past.Hopefully it will be restored to what it was.

We boarded the Redline at the Charles/MGH Station. MGH is Massachusetts General Hospital. We took the Redline to Davis Square and walked the Community Path back to the Airbnb.

Today was an interesting day, we really enjoy walking around the different areas and seeing the variety in the Greater Boston Area