San Antonio At Last!

We were very happy to not be driving all day today! We actually had some time to chill a bit this morning. After we got ourselves around and awake, we ventured out to meet up with Liz’s son Cory and. his wife Annie.

We had not seen the house they purchased last year, or even been to Texas to see them since Cory moved here a few years ago. We discovered the drive from our RV Park was a rather tough drive and realized it was going to wear on us a bit as our time here progressed. (More about that later!)

The house was built in the fifties and is a plantation style house. The house sis on a half acre and has a guest house that they rent out as an Air BnB. We spent some time evaluating a ‘Little Project’ (more later) and then just visited a bit.

Later in teh day we went downtown to the Pearl District where we had dinner at Down on Greyson . After dinner we had a little desert at The Lick

and then drove back to their house before the LONG JOURNEY back to our trailer.