Day 4 Mt Vernon 7/16/20



No Agenda

Today is “Free Day”.  We have decided that each trip needs a free day to just chill and recharge.  Well after Discovery Park, this day is greatly appreciated.  We were pretty beat last night.  We just hung around the campsiete today.  Liz is reading and working on a crochet project and I spent a good deal of time working on this journal, catching up.

Also made a trip to Camping World which is just a few miles down I-5 from where we are camped.  The campsites here have the hookups at the very rear corner of the site.  We are missing a water hose somehow after trading RVs, so there was not enough blackwater rinse hose to reach the attachment on the trailer.

Learning All About Diesels

I have also been researching performance upgrades for the truck.  We did have some issues on the way over with the DPF (diesel particulate filter) which is a bit annoying.  It is frustrating to have a truck that can pull a freight train, but the computer will now allow it to do what it is capable of.  I have found a way to resolve that and will order the parts when we get back home.

It has been a bit stressful dealing with that and having the time today to research the options to resolve the DPF problem!

‘Free Days’ will definitely be a part of every trip itinerary!