Boston ~ Day 3

The Freedom Trail


The tentative plan for today was to do some more exploring wrapping up with a late afternoon visit to the hospital to check on the Ames-Bright Family. We saw portions of the Freedom Trail yesterday and were intrigued so we decided to investigate that further.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile-long path through Boston, Massachusetts, that passes by16 locations significant to the history of the United States. The route is marked by a brick ribbon through the sidewalks and street crossings. Most of The Freedom Trail meanders through Boston’s North End, home of Little Italy. So of course…more cannolis!

The Sixteen sites are:

We took the Redline to Park Street this time. The Park Street Station has a pretty cool mosaic mural in the boarding area, stating it is the oldest subway in America.

We saw most of the sites along the trail. In addition to the historic sites we saw The Skinny House which has a Boston legend attached to it involving two brothers feuding. It is an interesting story Click the link to learn more.)

While we were wandering the Freedom Trail through Little Italy, we could not resist another cannoli, so back to Bova’s we went. However, we decided that we probably shoud eat some lunch before indulging so we started looking around for something to eat. We were standing right next to Bova’s and saw a sign in the window saying “Boston’s Best Sandwiches.” When we looked in the window we saw it was very busy inside, again reminding us of the small little eateries we saw in Italy, with people ordering, waiting for their food, then carrying out.

We made our purchase and left. We then learned that Monica’s is apparently legendary in Boston ‘hot spots.’ We actually had people stp us n the street and ask us “Is that from Monica’s?”  “Where is it?!?!?”

A Change In the Plan

After working our way around the greater portion of the Freedom Trail, we walked back to Downtown Crossing and took the Redline to Harvard Square to begin our walk to the hospital. We got a message from Cory that they needed a little time as it had been a long day for them, so we began our walk back ‘home,’ again walking through Harvard University.

It was a good day with lots of interesting discoveries. We enjoyed a nice spring day touring history.

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