Seaside, Oregon

The Drive Up the Coast

The drive from Newport to Seaside is a fairly easy drive, about 3 hours. 101 is a bit windy but the traffic is slow enough that it was not an issue. We stopped at Nehalem for lunch at Buttercup Ice Cream & Chowder, a place we found on a previous trip to Nehalem State Park.

Seaside RV Park

We arrived at Seaside RV Park (Details HERE) in the early afternoon, got set up, then went for a drive around town. We stopped in at a couple of bike shops and learned of some trails for gravel biking as well as mountain biking. We liked Andy & Michelle at A’s Bike Shop, who suggested the gravel bike riding at Greenwood Resources and gave us information about getting permits to ride there.

The town is fairly bike friendly and has the Seaside Promenade which is directly across 101 from where we access the RV park.

The town of Seaside at first impression is that it has a nice old downtown area near the promenade. After we got to know the town a bit, it felt that the downtown district was not as quaint as we first though, having mostly the touristy trinket shops.

The proximity to other areas is quite good and we enjoyed exploring Fort Stevens and Cannon Beach as well as Astoria and Cape Disappointment. This area, including Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, are an area where we will be spending more time exploring.

Concluding Our Trip

We have learned a lot on this extended trip and got a glimpse of what it is like to live on the road. It has been nice to not have a clock to answer to, and so much to see. We were ready to be home, at least we thought so before we found the surprise (see homeward bound below.) I found myself missing having a project to tinker with, but again, as mentioned below, that didn’t last long. Liz missed the house and her plants.

All in all, this was a successful introduction to extended travel and what it is all about.

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Days 6, 7,& 8 – Winding Up & Homeward Bound


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