Chehalis, WA

It’s All About The Bike

Chehalis is where the East Trailhead for the Willapa Hills Trail begins is and we have been wanting to check out that trail as well as the Chehalis Western Trail. We decided to tag it on to the Texas / Bryce Canyon trip.

The Drive

When we left Bryce Canyon we drove to Boise and stopped over there for a day. In Boise (previous post on Boise) we rode the Green Belt Trail and then met Liz’s son Casey and his wife Amelia for dinner. We stayed at the Boise Riverfront RV Park where we always stay when traveling through Boise because it is located right on the Green Belt.

After out stopover in Boise we drove to Chehalis. While it was a long day this was the easiest drive so far on this trip. We did stop at IKEA in Portland for a quick stop to pick up a few items.

When we arrived at our campground our we felt the frustration we always feel at Thousand Trails locations. Read more about the campground HERE.

Our Time In the Area

Click below for our experiences in the Chehalis area:

The Willapa Hills State Park Trail

The Chehalis Western Trail and Olympia

Our final day here was also the last day of the trip which included Texas and Bryce Canyon.

We spent the day in the campground preparing for the trip home and contemplating all that will happen we=hen we land in Spokane. We have a lot of loose ends going on at home with house and landscaping projects as well as dealing with some mechanical issues we have been experiencing. The A/C compressor has been grumbling since Bryce Canyon which is a whole other story.

We enjoyed the time here and the great rail trails we rode. Of course when it comes to biking we always wish we had more time to explore things further, but we got a glimpse of the great riding in this area.

The ‘Whole Other Story”

We planned an early start to for our travel day so we could get home early and start getting our other life back in order. Ha! Didn’t quite work out that way. Never a dull moment for us!


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